Use Midway’s purchasing power and experience to your advantage!

Product Kitting

We offer a full turnkey kitting service or customised service dependent on your requirements. We will use Midway groups purchasing power to get the parts you need, on time and at the right price for your manufacturing operation. Kits can be provided to support sub-assembly builds or full product kitting. Our service will enable you to focus on the things that matter most to your business. Let us help you to reduce costs, reduce stock and reduce the number of purchase orders you need to place.  

We offer an open and honest service, with line-by-line breakdown offered with each quotation/order to provide the transparency you would expect if you were purchasing these kits internally. Our expertise in the components market means you can outsource all your electronics procurement activity to one supplier, streamlining the number of vendors required on your approved supplier list and dramatically reducing the number of purchase orders that need to be placed. This in turn will increase your working capital by not having cash tied up in so much inventory. 

We can customise any aspects of our kits to ensure they are delivered exactly how you need them to efficiently transition into your production operation. A global network of independent component distributors (incl. grey market) can be utilised as/when required (always with customers’ approval) to ensure any hard-to-source components can be procured. This is a specialty for Midway Procurement and something we pride ourselves on. We can also manage hard to source and long lead time strategic components outside of the normal kitting service, managing these components through agreements. 

We will actively apply our “cost out” ethos to any BOM provided, advising cost drivers and proposing alternatives to help take cost out of your BOM (if possible) to reduce your bottom line and drive your profits even higher. 

Component Sourcing 

We can source any components you require and supply them packaged and labelled exactly how you want them. We can schedule deliveries, reducing the number of purchase orders you need to place and giving you more time to focus on what really matters to your business. Semiconductors, passives, electro-mechanical, cable/wire can all be sourced from our approved network of distributors and manufacturers, leveraging Midway Groups purchasing power to enable us to purchase parts for the best prices and pass those savings directly onto you. 

Buying / Purchasing 

Outsource purchasing activity to Midway Procurement who offer a technical led service unlike most of our competitors. We have a global network of suppliers who we partner with to get exactly what you need, at the right quality and price. We have extensive experience of supporting NPI / R&D activities, sourcing parts and materials to ensure your development cycle moves to plan and is not held up by lengthy supplier approval processes. We operate as an extension of your internal purchasing team and can support any required activities from day to day purchasing, to cost reduction/PPV activity to strategic sourcing and new supplier set up. You can engage Midway Procurement on a fixed term contract to support your operation or outsource individual buying activities as/when required. Purchasing categories, we can help you with; 

  • Electronic components 
  • Electronic assemblies 
  • PCBA’s 
  • Cables 
  • Injection mould plastic (incl full program management of tool development) 
  • Machine parts – Metal and plastics 
  • Fasteners 
  • Kits of parts including any of the above.

Manufacturing Set-up 

Midway Procurement can take your new design and bill of materials and productionise this, either locally (in the UK) or in lowcost regions using our approved network of factories around the world. We will project manage every stage of the manufacturing set-up, from initial prototyping to full production ramp up and can also help with your commercial contract negotiation. If you have a great product design, but need help getting it manufactured then we will be able to deliver this for you. 

Supplier Audits 

Midway Procurement offer a supplier audit service for both new supplier onboarding activities and ongoing supplier management. We audit to ISO 9001 and will provide a full report back with executive summary and non-conformances (major/minor) and any other actions or areas of improvement. We will also manage the followup to ensure that audit findings are resolved and closed out in a timely manner. Supplier audits can be a time-consuming activity for an already constrained team so let Midway Procurement use our expertise in this area to add value to your supply chain management process. 

Obsolescence Management 

The rate of change of technology within the electronics manufacturing industry leads to an ever-increasing cadence of obsolescence of parts and components. Midway has an experienced team of experienced electronics engineers that can review your BOM and provide suggestions/alternatives that would be suitable to design into your product. We also offer a last time buy (LTB) service where we can trawl the market, locate stock and get you items at the best price to secure stock for your operation. 

Design for Procurement (DFp) – Bill of Material Health Check 

We offer a tailored solution where we perform an in-depth review of your BOM, usually prior to a planned design change. We will review component availability and obsolescence, cost drivers, and provide a report on areas of the design that should be considered during the product design process. This is essential to any forward-thinking design organization as it ensures that you aren’t simply copying and pasting problems into your future designs. Let us help you make your products more robust from a procurement perspective and to ensure that stock unavailability becomes a thing of the past. 

Process Development 

Midway Procurement has vast experience in developing operation processes and procedures for procurement and supply chain. We have worked within ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 across a wide spectrum of contexts, ensuring that the ISO standard requirements are met, whilst delivering an efficient process that works for you. We will work with your key stakeholders to map out your as-is process first of all to understand the pain and waste in your system. We will then develop a new process, any new documentation (procedures, work instructions and forms) and can provide training to your staff on the new process.